Silverstone Partycenter – Special offers and events

Looking for the best offers for go-karting? Then Silverstone Partycenter is the place to be. Here you can go-kart on one of the fastest indoor go-kart racing tracks of Holland with multiple floors for good prices. A spectacular experience for all ages.

Go-kart offers at Silverstone
During the whole year we have special go-kart offers, so that everyone is able to drive the indoor race track once or multiple times. We have special discount days where the price for heat go-karting is extra low compared to other days. The discount is on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (the whole day) and Sunday from 18:00 o’clock. The discount builds with the amount of heats you want to go go-karting. For two heats it is not € 35,00, but € 30,50 and for three heats it is even cheaper, instead of € 52,50 it is € 41,50. This offer is for the whole year. Plan your family outing, kids party or business trip smartly and go go-karting using this discount!

Go-karting offers:

  • 1 heat = € 17,50
  • 2 heats = € 30,50 (normally: € 35,-)
  • 3 heats = € 41,50 (normally: € 52,50)

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More offers

Bowling offers
We do not only give discounts on go-karting, but also on other activities and events, including bowling. We also offer the discount days on bowling. If you want to go bowling on Monday through Thursday or Sunday from 18:00 o’clock, you are in luck! That is when the bowling discount days are. The price for a bowling alley is € 23,50 instead of € 29,50. So enjoy our bowling alleys with your friends, family of colleagues and use our discount!

Bowling offers:

  • Alley price on Friday and Saturday: € 29,50
  • Alley price on Monday through Thursday and Sunday: € 23,50

Other offers
We do not only offer special prices on activities at Silverstone, but also on the events around those activities. We find it so much fun if you also stay for some food after or during an activity. That is why we also have various package deals where you can combine an activity with some great food.

If you are not in the mood for any of our activities, you can also come to Silverstone for dinner only. Enjoy our hot stone grill or buffets in the ‘Ridderzaal’. You can come with your family, friends or colleagues to enjoy a relaxed evening. You can do this from only € 23,50 per person.

Do you want to use any of these special offers? Contact us through 020-4973858 or send an email to info@silverstone.nl


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