Silverstone Partycenter – The Pub

The first cafés originated in the 17th century as coffeehouses. The word café is also the French word for coffee. Slowly but surely pubs where people mostly drank beer started to call themselves cafés and that caused a big variety of cafés. One of the best known cafés is the Pub. Silverstone, the Parycenter of the region of Northern Holland, of course has a real Pub.

From the very start the Pub has been a big success. As soon as you step in you feel at home. That is why a typical Dutch night is great here!

A great atmosphere and coziness is front and center. The ideal place to get to know your colleagues during a team outing or for an informal conversation with your business partners.

You can of course enjoy a beer or a great Dutch ‘bitterbal’ when you are in the Pub.

Cozy pub

Good food

Great ambience


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