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Silverstone Partycenter – Hot stone grilling and buffets

Want to have a fun night with your friends, family or colleagues?
Nothing is more fun than eating together!

You can enjoy a tasteful night in our ‘Ridderzaal’ with one of our delicious buffets, or the great SilverStone-grill with various kinds of meat.

Do you prefer not staying out late? You can also come for a delicious lunch.

SilverStone hot stone grill:

SilverStone-grill€ 22.50 p.p.
SilverStone-grill vegegarian€ 26.00 p.p.
SilverStone-grill gluten free€ 26.00 p.p.
SilverStone-grill chicken€ 26.00 p.p.
SilverStone-grill beef free€ 26.00 p.p.
SilverStone-grillen pork free€ 26.00 p.p.
SilverStone-grillen fish€ 28.00 p.p.
from a minimum of 2 persons


Barbecue Buffet€ 23.50 p.p.
Barbecue Buffet vegetarian€ 27.00 p.p.
Barbecue Buffet halal€ 27.00 p.p.
Barbecue Buffet pork free€ 27.00 p.p.
From a minimum of 10 persons

Eastern Buffet€ 24.50 p.p.
From a minimum of 15 persons

Warm / Cold Buffet€ 27.50 p.p.
From a minimum of 15 persons


Lunch Silverstone€ 17.50 p.p.
Boiled eggs
Various kinds of fruits
Coffee / tea
Orange juice / milk / chocolate milk
Soup of the day
From a minimum of 15 persons
Various kinds of bread
Various kinds of meat, cheese and toppings
Various kinds of sweet toppings

Open bar:

Open bar€ 8.50 p.p.
From a minimum of 15 persons
(Distilled domestically, from a minimum of 3 hours/ price per hour)

Hot stone grill

Warm/cold buffet

Barbecue buffet