Silverstone Partycenter – Centrale food and drinks

You can enjoy a nice drink and a great meal at Silverstone while you are not missing out on all the action in this partycenter. Our Circuit Restaurant, the central place where you can have food and drinks, is slightly elevated and provided with soundproof glass with a view of the whole go-kart race track. And given that our race track is one of the fastest of Holland, you will have a spectacular view! You will be able to see all go-karts depart from the starting position, make their laps and finish. And that while you are enjoying one of the delicious meals on the menu of this restaurant.

The central food and drinks of Silverstone is very suitable for informal meetings. The cozy open space is the center of party location Silverstone.

This restaurant is also very child friendly. You can easily enjoy a meal with your kids, while you and your children enjoy the spectacular surroundings.

To top everything off, our meals are very affordable: we make sure that you can go out for dinner in a cheap way, without having to compensate on the quality of the dishes.

Enjoy our á la carte menu or come and use the hot stone grill with colleagues or friends. The friendly servants and special activities of partycenter Silverstone will make sure that you have an unforgettable day.

Make your reservation right now in our Circuit Restaurant or contact us for more information.

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Child friendly

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