Silverstone Partycenter – A la Carte menu

Want a bite to eat for one of our sensational activities?
Or have you been hungry for an adrenaline-raising kart competition?
Then take a look at our completely renewed a la carte menu for a well-earned dinner.
With a choice of different starters, meal salads, main courses and delicious desserts.


Breadbasket€ 5.00
Baguette, garlic butter and tapenade

Tomato soup/strong>€ 5.00
Thick tomato soup with cream

French Onion soup€ 5.00
With cheese croutons

Carpaccio€ 9.50
Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, rucola salad and balsamico dressing

Smoked Salmon€ 9.50
Toast, salad and chive mayonnaise

Baked Goat Cheese€ 9.50
with goat cheese on toast, syrup, thyme, honey, delicious from the oven

Main course salads:

Salad; Goat Cheese€ 11.50
Mixed salad with goat cheese, walnut, honey and Balsamico dressing

Salad; Salmon€ 11.50
Mixed salad with salmon, pine nuts, tomato, cucumber and chive mayonnaise

Salad; Smoked Chicken€ 11.50
Mixed salad, chicken, cheese, pine nuts, tomato and a Ceasar dressing

Salad; Tenderloin€ 12.50
Mixed salad with tenderloin parts, tomato and a spicy sauce

Children's menu:

Children's menu€ 6.95
French fries, option of; croquette, minced-meat hotdog, cheese soufflé, chicken corn or hamburger with mayonnaise, ketchup, applemousse, small drink and an ice cream

*Aforementioned dishes are being served with salad and French fries Sauces: Pepper sauce, Mushroom sauce, Garlic or Red Wine sauce


Tournedos€ 23.50
The juiciest/best part of beef with sauce option

Beefsteak€ 18.50
Beefsteak with garlic butter and sauce option

Spareribs€ 18.50
Spareribs, soft on the bone with garlic sauce

Silverstone saté€ 18.50
Oriental, marinated porc on a spit and homemade saté sauce

Chicken Saté€ 16.50
Oriental marinated chicken tighs and homemade saté sauce

Schnitzel XL€ 15.50
Big schnitzel and sauce option

Hamburger XL€ 14.50
Giant Hamburger

Tenderloin Parts€ 17.50
Stirfried mixed vegetables, baked in an oriental sauce with white rice

Salmon Part€ 17.50
With dill sauce and capers

Vegetarian Plate€ 16.50
Stirfried mixed vegetables, stuffed paprika, Brie, toast, salad and rice


Sorbet trio ice cream cake€ 6.50
With strawberry sauce

Brownie Amaretto ice cream cake€ 7.50
Chocolate and almond dairy ice cream with Brownie lumps

Cassata Carré ice cream cake€ 7.50
Italian ice cream, o.a. Amarena, Zuppa Inglese and pistache taste

Sticky toffee pie€ 7.50
A warm caramel cake of date and oranges with vanilla dairy ice cream

Dame Blanche Multi Culti€ 7.50
Vanilla and chocolate dairy ice cream with chocolate sauce

Brussels Waffle€ 7.50
With icing sugar, strawberry ice cream and whipped cream

Children’s ice cream€ 3.75
Two scoups of vanilla dairy ice cream with fruit sauce

Good food

Wonderfully relaxed

For everyone