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Bowling and hot stone grilling

The combination of bowling and hot stone grilling is suitable for every outing. First you will get all your adrenaline out during the bowling match and after that you can have a nice dinner around the hot stone. An ideal combination for a birthday party, team outing, family outing or a fun night out with some friends.

At Silverstone you can rent a bowling alley for a good price and afterwards you can have a nice dinner we call Silverstone-grilling.

Bowling and hot stone grilling at Silverstone
For the combination of bowling and hot stone grilling, Silverstone Partycenter is the place to be. The outing will be different. First you go bowling on one of the most modern bowling alleys in Holland. This bowling alley is provided with LED lighting. This will make the perfect atmosphere for a fun night. Once you are done bowling there will be a hot stone grill ready for you to enjoy in one of our themed restaurants. The Silverstone hot stone grill is accompanied by various kinds of meat, fries, salad, sauces and garnishes. What more do you want?

Children’s party with bowling and hot stone grilling
For a children’s party, bowling and hot stone grilling is also perfect. It is always good to first put the children to work before they start eating. Bowling is perfect for this. Who throws a strike? Who has the best score? That already gives a lot of fun. After that everyone has earned a nice meal. In one of the theme restaurants you can join the hot stone grill tables. The nice thing about stone grilling is that everyone is working together on a hot stone grill and preparing his or her own food. This makes the evening and the food even better.

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