Lasergame & Grill Combi

Fancy cosiness, a drink ? A bite ?
An activity as a team ?

Then a Lasergame & SilverStone-grill arrangement is the answer !

You will be welcomed at the information desk after which you will be briefed, before you enter one of Europe’s biggest lasergame arena’s. You will be fascinated by the sensational light-effects and the thundering sound-effects. After a break you will be entering the arena for a second time !

After all these activities you are welcomed at your reserved table, to enjoy a delicious “SilverStone-grill” dinner in one of our theme-restaurants, consisting of:
– Variety of meat
– French fries
– Salad
– Sauces
– Garnish
(Other buffets are also possible, diet wishes have to be passed in time please)

The Lasergame & Grill arrangement consists of:
– Briefing Lasergame
– 1 x Lasergame
– Short break
– 1 x Lasergame
– SilverStone-grill

Lasergame & Grill Combi

minimum number of people: 2

€ 43,50

Incl VAT P.P.