Double Shoot & Food

You are not afraid of anything ? Do you wish to discover the exciting world of our lasergame arena ?
Is it your BIRTHDAY and will you be in the winning lasergame team ?

In this Double Shoot & Food arrangement you will be welcomed at the information des. Then you get ready for a big adventure in the Lasergame Arena. Hide next to a real MIG-21 Fighter Jet and fancy yourself in a futuristic world of 1700 square meters. You did’nt beat your friends ?
Don’t worry, as there will be a second round of lasergame waiting for you.

“Children’s menu” consisits of:
– French fries,
– Mayonaise,
– Applesouce,
– Choice of snack
– Plus a soft drink packet and a sorbet.

Don’t care about the weather, because everything happens indoor !

Double Shoot & Food arrangement consisis of:
– Briefing lasergame
– 2 x Lasergame
– Score-sheet
– Children’s menu

– This offer is only valid from 10 children-and-up and from Monday to Thursday and on Friday’s until 7.00 p.m.
– Age up to 14 years old

In case of less children, different prices will be applied.

Double Shoot & Food

minimum number of people: 10

€ 18,00

Incl VAT P.P.